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project_mu's Journal

Multiplicity Project
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Multiplicity Project is dedicated to creating a guide to multiplicity.
There isn't a "go to source" for questions and issues related to multiplicity. There are a lot of different books and websites out there, but there is no one source for all questions, due to a variety of issues such as comprehensiveness, bias, or worries about underrepresentation of particular viewpoints.

The closest thing, would be to post to the multiple communities out there. However, any community only captures the experiences of a particular set of users who post to it at any given time.

We have therefore started a project whose goal it is to create a resource to fill this gap.

Email us at multiplicityproject@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Project_Mu

Multiplicity Project aims to:

*Identify recurring experiences and questions multiples face
*Gather material that is out there on the questions
*Develop questions to ask existing multiplicity communities to gather additional information
*Identify common themes in the material and sythesize the material into a concise, readable form that protects the privacy of contributors
*Gather and synthesize similar material related to singlets (AKA non-multiples) to provide for a point of comparison
*Distribute final product to provide a resource for those with questions about multiplicity

If you're interested, join us!