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Thank you for your interest in Multiplicity Project! If you are interested in participating, ask to join!

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if i'm not mistaken, i think someone in your system signed their name as the capital letter C - ?

So now we're wondering if we might have met you guys before on a Yahoo group. We knew a household there that had a C, a c, a CC, and an Em I think.
If you guys are the same household, you might recognize some of us as Forest, Alex, Lige, Freddie, and Brandon.

Any chance - ?

We don't currently have anyone who goes by C, and don't remember ever having someone with that moniker, but it's not impossible. I think it's more likely though that you're thinking of another group.

I thought we might have met when we were in Medford, because your system and names sound very familiar, but I'm pretty sure we haven't.


Re: to met or not to met (Dodge)

Oh, ok....maybe you guys are the ones who said we might have crossed paths and not known it. (?) (if y'all were on the west side of Medford, we very well might have!)

It's almost too bad sometimes that multis don't act the way we're supposed to according to the Sybil model. You know, climbing all over things and freaking out, and thinking we're back in the past. Then we might have been both our households shopping in somewhere like Safeway, and maybe you'd have been climbing up the canned foods and I'd have been climbing up the cereal and we'd both have been shrieking and making the store call security...and then we would have met at the top and had this conversation:

"Oh, are you a member of a multi system ?"
"Why yes, I am!"
"What a coincidence, I am too! Say, after store security gets done kciking us out and banning us from the place, would you all like to go out for coffee and/or cold drinks with all of us ?"
And the rest would go down in history as a fun afternoon in west Medford.

The End.

(PS - the people on Yahoo who collectively went by CC, were very cool. Maybe they'll show up on your site/project. I hope so. I'm sure you'll like them.) :)

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